Been quiet because humanity can be overwhelming. Yet back again with this 2-tracker. It’s also available on Bandcamp. Thanks for listening […]


Mistakes [2020 Edit]

The original version of ‘Mistakes’ was released as part of my album ‘Monster’ in 2019. It’s been one of my favs ever since and I always felt that I wanted to try another version of it. So… here we are: Mistakes [2020 Edit] is now available on here.


After years of deejaying in various clubs in Germany and around the globe under my former alter ego IOAKIM SAYZ as well as tons of mixes and podcasts later I decided to go for a new mix series called 30min, which is an extremely intimate composition of music I like to play. Under my artist persona IOAKIM the new mix series doesn’t follow any rules but simply reflects my personal and very diverse taste and enthusiasm for all kinds of music by amazing artists. Hope you enjoy. 


  • Nocturnal Sunshine – Gravity (feat. RY X)
  • Mystic State – Tomahawk
  • Mystic State, J:Kenzo – Competition
  • Martyn – Vancouver
  • Mystic State – Mahdi
  • Kahn, Commodo, Gantz – So Familia
  • Golden Girls – Kinetic (AOTOA Remix)
  • Kahn, Neek – (Having a sick time) In The Mansions Of Bliss
  • Mystic State, JFO – Cuatro
  • Ishome – Adam


My new single ‘Menta’ is out on Bandcamp as well as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and many other stores worldwide.

Get it here: Menta


We tend to believe we must be strong in front of the eyes of others because we fear being exposed and hurt, although those people are often most vulnerable themselves. I’m not free from such social constructions myself yet I use music as a tool to express my sensitivity. And ‘Breathe’ as well as ‘Cloudspeaker’ give clear evidence of this. 
Thanks for listening […]


Currently planning a new DJ mix series called “30min” that’ll be streamed on YouTube and IGTV… starting April/May… from Breaks, to Downtempo, to Electronica or World Music, it’s gonna be widespread and super personal […]

New EP “Nether Land” out now…

After releasing my album ‘Monster’ at the end of 2019 I’m happy to be back with a new EP called ‘Nether Land’, now available via iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp as well as many other digital stores worldwide.

Thanks for listening […]

Download ‘Monster’ on Bandcamp

Bandcamp is the perfect platform to find all kind of independent artists and their music. Despite the various possibilities to stream ‘Monster’, you can also buy the full album here.